2022 Alaska Midwifery Statute Changes Bill
SB192 and HB334

Thank you to Senator Kawasaki (D) of Fairbanks for sponsoring the Senate Bill and Thank you to Representative Kurka (R) of Wasilla for sponsoring the House Bill.

Legislative Intent:

"It is the intent of the legislature to preserve the right of women to deliver children at home with licensed midwives, to remove obstacles for safe deliveries outside of hospitals, to assure quality care of pregnant women and the children they deliver, and to guarantee insurance coverage for home births."

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Changes and Talking Points for  SB192 and HB334

NEW -  Licensed Midwives

Would lower out of pocket healthcare costs for Alaskan families by mandating insurance coverage of:

  • Licensed Midwives

  • Planned Home Birth

NEW Statutes

  • Increases access to high quality, out of hospital midwifery care for Alaskan women and their families

  • Updates Statutes to National Standards and Practice

NEW Expanded Practice of Midwifery

Midwives would be able to:

  • Help women with preconception needs with preconception visits

  • Expands postpartum care for mother from 6 weeks to the entire first year postpartum

  • Extends well baby care for the infant from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

NEW Board Members will be Licensed Practioners who Practice Out of Hospital Only

  • Current board members consist of 2 CDM midwives, 1 OB/GYN, 1 Certified Nurse Midwife and 1 public member.

  • New Board: 2 Licensed Midwives, 2 APRN/CNM (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/Certified Nurse Midwives) that practice in an out of hospital setting and 1 public member.

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Email in Support of SB192 and HB334

Parents, we need your emails of support for this bill! Tell all of your friends and family to write in too! Flood the Senators and Representatives with emails! 

Together we can make a positive change for all current and future birthing women in Alaska! 

Copy and Paste Template:

I am emailing today to say YES to SB192 and HB334. I support bringing Alaska Midwifery statutes in line with national standards. This Bill satisfies the Legislative Audit Recommendation #1 given by the State of Alaska, by protecting Alaska Midwives and benefitting the public by increasing access to high quality, out of hospital midwifery care, lowering out of pocket healthcare costs to Alaskan families and lowering healthcare costs to the State of Alaska, and extending midwifery care for both mother and baby after delivery. I firmly support the passing of SB192 and HB334 now.


(your name and city)

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Read the entire Bill
SB192 and HB334